The bakery department at Saubel’s has more to offer than you can imagine. In the bakery at Saubel’s we do things the old fashioned way, often replicating recipes that Grandma would have made in her kitchen. The ingredients for our delicious goodies are mixed, rolled or shaped, proofed if needed and baked at each location to ensure the perfect treat for you and your family.

Items that we have to offer are decorated cakes and cupcakes for all occasions, delicious cookies including old fashioned sugar cookies and cut out cookies cut to the shape and decorated to your needs. We also have the freshest donuts around. Again they are mixed, rolled, cut, proofed and fried to perfection and then topped, coated or filled with delicious sweetness in the form of sugar, icing, sprinkles and various fruit, custard and cream fillings. The custard and cream fillings are even made fresh in the bakery! Fastnachts are available every year for Fastnacht day for those of you who take part in this PA Dutch tradition.

Danish, sticky buns, peach cake, angel food cake, brownies, turnovers, eclairs, cannoli, fruit buns, fruit pies, cream pies, rolls and breads are also made in the bakery. Our bakers and bakery specialist do an outstanding job of providing the perfect sweet for any occasion.

Advance orders are appreciated but not always necessary. A great selection of cakes is available to choose from, but we encourage orders so you can get the perfect cake for your party.

Large parties and weddings are also a niche for us. Wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes, and specialty cookies are available. Our cakes also are wonderful for confirmations, baptisms, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, graduations or for any time you celebrating a special event. We strongly believe that our delicious homemade buttercream icing makes our cakes extra special, but whipped icing is available for those who are wanting something a little less sweet.

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