The Seafood Departments at Saubel’s brings to you the freshest seafood available. Several deliveries arrive at the stores weekly to ensure the freshness for all of our delicious seafood items. There are many salads made in the seafood department, including shrimp salad, deluxe shrimp salad, and crab salad. Crab cakes are made in the department as well.

The fresh fish selection consists of tilapia, flounder, haddock, and salmon, as well as others upon availability. Shrimp is available from the seafood department and may be steamed for free. These make an awesome addition to any party or gathering that you may have. We encourage call in orders for steaming so they are ready when you are. Calling in advance for steaming is especially important during the peak holiday times. Large bags of frozen shrimp are made available as well for those who choose to make their own. These make a delicious meal by being steamed, stuffed, broiled or grilled.

Mussels, clams, oysters, crab meat and many seafood seasonings are for sale at the seafood counter daily.

Lobsters are available at the Shrewsbury store. These may be steamed on premise or taken home live to be cooked to perfection by the customer. If lobster is what you want, frozen lobster tails are available at all stores.

During the season, steamed crabs are offered. They are sold by the 1⁄2 dozen, dozen and bushel. Orders are suggested to ensure availability.