Saubel’s deli department definitely puts the “Home” in Homemade! We make our own soups and
salads at the Shrewsbury store and they are shipped to the Stewartstown and Whiteford locations on
our own delivery truck.

The deli offers a full line of luncheon meat and cheeses which can be made into delicious sandwiches
by our deli specialists, or buy a pound or two and make your own. Three and six foot subs are available
upon advance order and make a great addition to any party. Our delicious chicken salad, tuna salad,
ham spread and more can be made into sandwiches as well. Some sandwiches are prepared for
convenience but sandwiches can be made to order while in the store, or call ahead orders are accepted.

Our deli department can also help to make a family gathering or party extra easy for you. The staff
can create the perfect party platter, large sub, prepared meals, broasted chicken, hot wings and the
perfect salads for the get together. The perfect holiday meal can be prepared by the deli, including ham
or turkey baked to perfection, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and other side dishes.

There is also a fresh salad bar for making your own salad for lunch or for the family for dinner. We
suggest pairing a salad with some of our delicious broasted or rotisserie chicken, and broasted potatoes for
a delicious and quick meal.

As you can see, the deli has so much to offer and the possibilities of what we can provide for you are broad. Please stop by or call the deli manager at your favorite Saubel’s location for help with whatever it is you need.

Saubel's Homemade